Steve Jobs unveiled iPad 2 – faster, thinner, lighter, colorful …

In a surprise appearance, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the new version of it hugely popular iPad tablet (he is currently in medical leave). The new tablet computer named ‘iPad 2’ will feature dual core A5 processer, two video cameras, and is 33 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter when compared to its previous version.

ipad-399-originalThe original iPad, released last year, currently enjoys a market share of more than 95% of tablet in the world. Even after one year of its release no other companies have been successful in developing a competing hardware at competing price. Even 7 inch tablets cost more than Apple’s 9.7 inch entry level Wi-Fi iPad costing $499.

Now, it has become even cheaper after the release of new model. The original iPad is told to cost $100 cheaper at $399 a piece. It looks like, Apple  has already won the price war (it’s weakest frontier).

Jobs told that from April 2010 to December 2010 Apple sold almost 15 million iPads. With the new powerful, feature rich, and cheapest tablet, others like Motorola (Xoom), Blackberry (Playbook), HP (Veer TouchPad), Samsung (Galexy Tab), Acer and others will have tough time keeping up with Apple.

With the large screen and touch interface, whole new avenue has opened for computer games. The accelerometer, gyroscope, camera and other sensors have made it possible to use the device in many creative activities. For example tap sensitive keyboard of Garageband, announced today, uses accelerometer to pitch the note depending on the tap pressure.

iPad has also solidified its presence in professional services like engineering, medical and other field in which data has to be collected. It has become very easy to input the data and process it on-the-go with the touch screen, light weight and extended battery life (about 10 hours in a charge). A typical laptop can’t run for more than 2-5 hours in a charge and is not as easy as handling a tablet.

For example, according to Chilmark Research, 22 percent of US docs were using iPads at the end of 2010. That does make sense when you compare the two devices in the photos below, you would probably see the reason.

mobile-computer-cart-levitator-laptop-hospital-cart  ipad-2

The iPad is impressive for sure. Even the newly announced SmartCover is very smart and impressive. This is a perfect combination no other manufactures can afford to maintain. The hardware (iPad) and the software (iOS) respond to the new iPad case. That was made possible because everything is made in-house and they have perfect coordination to make complementary products.

Although the new iPad was underwhelming to some who were expecting more than what was announced, but according to the current market competition, Apple has released a product good enough to keep its upper hand for the year to come.

iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, Apple TV, Ping – all in a single day

Sep 2, 2010

Apple, one of the most innovative company in electronics gadgets has unveiled a number of redesigned iPod music players.


One of the most popular music player and gaming device, iPod touch, is now more attractive with two cameras on the front and the back. With a capability of shooting high definition movies and Facetime talk through WiFi, and high resolution display, it is much better than the iPad tablet, Apple released some time back. Although small with 3.5″ display when compared to 9.7″ display of iPad,
many prefer iPod Touch for it’s smaller form factor and portability.


Apple’s iPod Nano was also reduced by about half in size and now sports new multitouch screen. It looks much attractive and wearable with the clip-on design.


apple-tv-2The smallest of the iPods, iPod Shuffle got a bit bigger with this new release but, it has click wheel now for better navigation while listening the songs.

The “one more thing” in today’s keynote address by Steve Jobs was termed “one more hobby” and he unveiled a much smaller Apple TV box when compared to the previous release. With this release, Apple has stepped into cloud streaming of movies and TV shows.

Apple has also started it’s own Facebook style social networking, Ping, in its desktop software iTunes. Ping can
also be used with iPhones and iPod Touch. But it is not clear if there will be a web version of Ping.

With all these new releases, today’s event was a huge event in terms of Apple fans. Apple has also ensured it’s domination on music once again.

Technology in Ashram!

Jul 30, 2011

A laptop being used to teach the hymns in an Ashram in India. technology_in_ashram

Although, the spiritual and devotional Guru’s are not willing to change the 100s of years old (or is it thousands of year old?) style of clothing, it is good to know that technology is compelling enough to embrace.

I can visualize the kids swiping their hands on iPads (or, any other tablets) in a couple of years!

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