Lady Gaga – loosing virginity was ‘terrible’, didn’t enjoy sex until ‘two years ago’.

American pop singer-songwriter Lady Gaga has revealed her sex life in the new issue of Grazia magazine of Britain. She has revealed that she lost her virginity when she was a teenager, at the age of 17. She however told that the first experience was ”terrible” and added that she wasn’t fully prepared for sex at that time.

Lady Gaga is popular for her “unique” fashion sense with odd costumes and accessories.

“I never actually enjoyed sex until two years ago..,” the 24 years old singer confessed according to the Daily Mail.

Lady Gaga used to have a feeling that sexual acts were unpleasant until she started to enjoy love-making with boyfriend Luc Carl.

It is to be noted that, Gaga attributes much of her early success as a mainstream artist to her gay fans and is considered to be a rising gay icon.


(Photo source – Wikipedia)

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