5 reasons music in memory card or pendrive won't work

music-nepal Why are they scared of internet?

It made a ‘headline news’ when Music Nepal, the biggest music distributor in Nepal decided to sell music in memory card. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai inaugurated the pendrive by playing the National Anthem.

The memory card will be of capacity 1-2 GB and costs Rs. 675. Pendrive costs much more at Rs. 875. I know it includes the cost of hardware.

What does it mean? In my opinion it encourages piracy. When I buy a pen-drive, I will copy the music in my hard drive and then it is done. I would never need another pendrive. Same is true for a memory card. I bet, only a fraction of the music fans will buy their second album in such devices. Even less will buy the third. I don’t see anybody buying their fifth album memory card or Pendrive.

The five reasons:

  1. pen-driveMemory card is not a CD -  CD or DVD are read-only, so it made sense to buy another CD or DVD.
  2. Nobody wants to clutter their desk – Everybody have enough space in their hard drive. Hard drives come dirt cheap. Nobody wants those tiny memory cards and pendrives in their desk. It is not easy to store them and it is much harder to track them.
  3. What is that extra space for ? Size of one song might be around 10 MB. There are usually 5 to 10 songs in an album. That make 50 to 100 MB of used space. What will they fill the remaining 90% of the space?
  4. itunesWhy are they afraid of Internet? This is the question I don’t have any answer to. I wonder if they have heard of iTunes or other such sites. They don’t sell memory card.
  5. Why pay the premium? One song in iTunes costs about Rs. 70 ($0.99). A five song album in iTunes costs Rs. 350 (for 10 songs it might be Rs. 700 but singer won’t be Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber).

I think Music Nepal thinks Nepali people are the biggest fools in the world and assume they would start buying memory cards instead of CDs or cassette.

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