32 hours on Mt Everest and meditation for world peace

A 30-year-old Nepali guru, Bhakta Kumar Rai, has spent 32 hours on top of the Mount Everest. He reached the top at 5:30 am on May 20 and stayed there till 1 pm the next day. In that time he mediated for the world peace for 27 hours.

Rai has broken the previous record of Babu Chhiri Sherpa who had made the world record by staying on the summit for 21 hours and 30 minutes in 1999. The freezing cold on the top can cause severe frostbite and swelling in the brain, that can even cause death to the less enduring climbers. It was told that in that 32 hours Rai had used oxygen only for 11 hours.

Bhakta Kumar Rai is told to have achieved ‘Supreme Master Godangel’ wh
en he was 18 years old. His followers in countries like Nepal, India, Hong Kong, Britain and Malaysia regard him as a messenger of God to earth to spread peace and eradicate poverty.

The news update of the Heavenly Path website says:

Heavenly Path would like to informed you all that Supreme Master Godangel has been arrived at Base Camp in 6 hrs 20 minutes leaving behind all the Sherpas after 32 hrs of Prayer, Meditation and Request for the World at the Top of the World…