Sunita Dangol – Miss Newa 2011

Sunita Dangol was crowned Miss Newa 2011 in the ‘7th Annual Miss Newa 2011′, a Cultural Talent Show that was held in Nepal Academy Hall, Kathmandu on December 31 and received Rs 25, 000 cash prize.

Pramila Manandhar became 1st Runner up and Anisha Prajapati 2nd Runner Up and received cash prize of Rs 15, 000 and Rs 10, 000 respectively.

There were 36 contestants from age group of 16 to 22 in the event organized by Nepalese Fashion, among which top 26 were selected in questions answer round and then top 10 contestants were to be chosen, but, due to tie between 2 contestants, top 11 were selected for the final round of written answer.

 Photo Credit: Photo uploaded by Raj Bhai Suwal in Facebook

Two minutes were given to contestants to write their answers for the question, “If you got a chance to be the minister for culture, what will be your first step to promote Newari culture?” The answer, “To educate the people about Newari culture and to be an example of 21st century by bringing in forth scientific reasons of age old traditions,” by Sunita Dangol helped her to win the title.

Other sub titles won by:

Miss Best Skin- Urusha Shrestha

Miss Best Hair and Miss Best Dress – Somee Awale

Miss Best Smile- Roshni Maharjan

Miss Discipline- Sonam Shahi

Miss Photogenic- Roja Maharjan

Miss Friendship- Riju Maharjan

Miss Popular- Samana Shrestha

Miss Charming- Puja Shrestha

Miss Personality- Rojina Shakya

Miss Talent- Rajita Maharjan

The judges were R. K. Manandhar, Chairperson of Image Channel, Bhai Raja Tuladhar, DGM of Prime Bank, Nirnaya Shrestha RJ/Singer, Sarjoo Baba Shrestha, Socialworker/Business person, Aakasha Bajracharya, Miss Newa 2008 and Prabesh Man Shakya, Singer.

Bibek Shrestha, Chief Co-ordinator of the event informed that the girls were trained for catwalk, poise, learning Nepal bhasa and more in training and grooming sessions for a month. He added, the main objective is to preserve Newari culture, language and tradition. (Photo Credit:

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