'3 Lovers' team not satisfied by PG certificate, releasing on Dec 7

The censor board has issued a ‘PG’ certificate to the movie ‘3 Lovers’. The movie made on love story features some kiss scenes and bed scenes that are supposed to be not suitable for kids to watch alone.  The director Suresh Darpan Pokhrel has told that he was surprised by the judgment of the censor board.


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Vickey and Surabhi debut with a lot of hot scenes in 'Samaya'

The son of Mausami Malla, Vickey Malla is debuting in Nepali movie industry with his first movie ‘Samaya’. The movie will also introduce new actress, Surabhi Bista. In their debut movie, the couple have give a lot of hot scenes.

‘Samaya’ features two generation of character in which and Mausami Malla are featured
in the first generation followed by Vickey Malla and Surabhi Bista representing the second generation couple. In the movie Vickey and Surabhi are featured in a lot of lip-locks and bed scenes. The movie is produced by Bhadra Kumari Sen, written by Brajesh Khanal and directed by Dayaram Dahal.

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