‘Kina Kina’ censor problem

Because of excessive sex scenes and vulgar dialogues, the censor board decided not the pass director Ukesh Dahal’s upcoming movie ‘Kina Kina’. The censor board members watched the movie on Wednesday January 9 but couldn’t reach to a decision. All they told was that the movie didn’t pass the censor without being specific about objectionable scenes or dialogues.

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Sushma Karki to take Bindaas to Qatar on Jan 18

On January 18, actress Sushma Karki is going to watch Nepali movie ‘Bindaas’ with the Qatar resident Nepali viewers. The movie is scheduled to be featured in Doha Film Hall.

With Sushma Karki, another ‘Bindaas’ actresses, Rekha Ghimire will also be going to Doha for the film show.

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