‘Kina Kina’ censor problem

Because of excessive sex scenes and vulgar dialogues, the censor board decided not the pass director Ukesh Dahal’s upcoming movie ‘Kina Kina’. The censor board members watched the movie on Wednesday January 9 but couldn’t reach to a decision. All they told was that the movie didn’t pass the censor without being specific about objectionable scenes or dialogues.


The director Ukesh Dhahal said that his movie has content acceptable to the society and is not as vulgar as claimed by the censor board.

He told that the movie features a 21st century teen girl and her behavior.

Ukesh told that the movie is made on a love story between a teen girl (played by Arunima Lama) and an aged person (played by actor Rajesh Hamal). The actress, Arunima is featured in a number of bed scenes and kiss scenes in the movie. The main characters in the movie are , Raj Timilsina, Sashi Khadka, and the new face Arunima Lama. The movie is told to feature some very hot scenes featuring the mahanayak Rajesh Hamal.

The movie features music of Mahesh Khadka. The movie is scheduled to release in theaters on Falgun 25 (March 8, 2013).