Nepali Movie – Dilmaya

dilmaya Nepali full movieNepali Movie – Dilmaya
StarringNIkhil Upreti, Arunima Lamsal, Ashok Phuyal, Pawan Basnet, Shaligram Khadka, Elija Rijal, Raju Giri, Rashmi Bhatta etc.
Director – Raju Giri

The movie ‘Dilmaya’ is made on the story of the director Raju Giri. Giri is also the producer of the movie. The script and dialogue of the movie is written by Pradeep Bhatta.
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Manjari release pushed back by a month

The movie ‘Manjari’, scheduled to release on this Friday, is pushed back when the Censor Board objected on some of it’s scenes. Another movie, ‘Vigilante’ scheduled to release on this Friday had also postponed it’s release. ‘Rakshya’, ‘Katha’ and ‘Love in China Boarder’ were released instead.

Manjari's manjari sujata

Melodious music of ‘Manjari’ have been quite popular before the release of the movie and there are quite some people who are awaiting it’s release.

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