Christian Nepali movie – Naulo Bihani

Christian movie – Naulo Bihani
Starring – Deepak Pariyar, Sunita Portel, Raju Ramdam, Sanju Gurung etc.
Screenplay, dialogue – Yogesh Rasaily
Director – Yogesh Rasaily

‘Naulo Bihani’ the presentation of Beldangi Christian Society.

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Two of Namrata’s movies releasing on Valentine Day

The Valentine Day is the most attractive time to release a love story movie. Actress Namrata Shrestha‘s most awaited movies ‘Megha’ and ‘November Rain’ are scheduled to release on the February 14 of 2014. Although ‘Megha’ was previously scheduled to release on January 31, now it is re-scheduled for the Valentine Day.

megha release date announcemnt

Releasing two movies of the same actress might not be a good business sense to either of the producers. That would cause in the division of viewership between the two movies.

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