Rekha meets and supports Raute community, to spend 24 hours with Raute children

While in Hong Kong, Rekha Thapa had announced to support the backward communities like Raute and Chepang. Now, she has converted her words to deeds by meeting the members of the community and supporting them with materials of their daily needs.

rekha thapa foundation - rekha kisses raute

Rekha Thapa shows her love for the Raute community

To meet the people of Raute community actress Rekha Thapa had headed towards Surkhet on Friday. Rekha and the Rekha Thapa Foundation members met 52 families of Raute in remote Surkhet.  She distributed 52 sacks of rice and some money to the families of the community. The people in the Raute community appreciated Rekha for the community and told that now she has become one of the community member.

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11th KIMFF, short film festival running in Kathmandu

The eleventh edition of Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) is running in Kathmandu since December 11 and will conclude on December 15. The film festival features 47 short films from 20 countries all over Nepal in the City Hall, Kathmandu.

kimff 2013 - city hall

On the inauguration day, Wednesday, a short film by Shahara Sharma ‘Indreni Khodai Janda’ was premiered. The film is made on the struggle of three sisters.

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