Rekha Thapa starts social work, on her way to meet Raute children

During the premier of ‘Kali’ in Hong Kong, Rekha Thapa had announced her desire to start active participation in social work. In the event, Rekha had announce about spending some quality time with Raute children and help the children in their upbringing and education. As per the announcement, actress Rekha Thapa has headed towards Western Nepal, Surkhet on Friday, December 13. She will spend 24 hours in the area.

rekha thapa towards surkhet 1 - chitwan

Rekha is planning to adopt four Raute children in her non-government organization, Rekha Thapa Foundation (RTF), for the upbringing and to provide education. Raute is a primitive community living mainly in forests in the Western Nepal. They mainly live in Surkhet and Mahendranagar area. Rekha will choose four 5 to 9 years old children to give shelter in RTF in Kathmandu.

Rekha is going to use all the fund collected by the screening of ‘Kali‘ in Hong Kong towards the cost of the Foundation. Rekha is accompanied by director Shyam Bhattarai and journalist Rabi Adhikari. (Photo credit – Filmyupdate, )

xnepali team wish Rekha Thapa success in her social work and also hope to contribute towards her selfless work in near future.

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  1. समाज शेवाकालागि अग्रीम बधाई छ रेखा जी लाई

  2. rekha g tapaiko hasal akdam superhit ma aayko film ko name lakhera pathaunusna hai asha garnexu from Malaysia and I love you

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