11th KIMFF, short film festival running in Kathmandu

The eleventh edition of Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) is running in Kathmandu since December 11 and will conclude on December 15. The film festival features 47 short films from 20 countries all over Nepal in the City Hall, Kathmandu.

On the inauguration day, Wednesday, a short film by Shahara Sharma ‘Indreni Khodai Janda’ was premiered. The film is made on the struggle of three sisters.

The festival will conclude on Sunday.

KIMFF started in 2000, as a festival focusing the Himalaya and human. The festival was started to showcase a wide range of subjects and issues that explore the diverse and complex ways in which human beings relate to mountains.

KIMFF attract peer review and critiques that lead to better documentation of mountains issues, particularly of highland regions of the developing world.

Selected Films for KIMFF 2013

International Competition

  1. Erhard Loretan, respiser l’odeur du ciel'(Erhard Loretan, breathing the smell of the sky) – Switzerland
  2. Sulle Tracce dei Ghiacciai: Missione a Caucaso  (On The Trails Of The Glaciers:Mission To Caucasus)- Italy
  3. Pura Vida (The Ridge)-Spain
  4. Village at the End of the World- UK/Denmark
  5. In the Shadow of the Sun- UK/Tanzania
  6. Le Village Suspendu (The Hanging Village)- France
  7. No hau Lugar Lejano ( No Place is Far Away)- Mexico
  8. Life in Paradise-Illegale in der Nachbarschaft(Life in Paradise-Illegals in the Neighbourhood)- Switzerland
  9. High and Hallowed- USA
  10. Down the line- Canada
  11. Ready to Fly- Canada
  12. Die Bergretter im Himalaya (Helicopter Rescuer in the Himalaya)- Nepal/Switzerland
  13. When Hari got Married- India/UK/USA/Norway/Netherlands
  14. Sky Burial- Mongolia
  15. To Sing To Live- China


  1. A new perspective
  2. The Blinding Sunlight- China
  3. Regay Neheni(The Hidden Path)- Kuridistan
  4. Stress,Snowfall and the Inner Child- USA
  5. Beyond the Gates of Phu- Canada/Nepal
  6. Loden – der kleine Monch(Loden- the little Monk)- Germany
  7. Palabras magicas (para romper unencantamiento): Magic Words ( Breaking Speel)- Mexico
  8. Dar Jostojoye Palange Iran (In Serach for Persian Leopard)-Iran
  9. Himalaya Bhotia between Nepal and Tibet-France
  10. 86 Centimeters-Bhutan
  11. Life at Altitude- China
  12. Journey for Happiness-Denmark
  13. Goutte d’Or ( A Drop of Gold)-Denmark
  14. Memoria-Denmark
  15. Rob’n Ron-Denmark
  16. The Odd Sound Out-Denmark
  17. Kamlahari, I/enface volee du Nepal (Kamlahari, Nepal’s Stolen Childhood)-France/Nepal

Selected Films for Nepal Panorama KIMFF 2013

Competitive Section

  • Chasing Rainbows-Sahara Sharma
  • Don’t go so far (Antim Yatra)-Keshab Pande
  • Playing with Nan-Dipesh Kharel/Asami Saito
  • Red Monsoon-Eelum Dixit
  • The Lost Dreams-Ankit KC
  • Bal Krishna Sama (Bal Krishna Sama Untold Story)-Dinesh Palpali
  • Jhyawlee-Rakesh Kayastha

Non Competitive Section

  • Mani, the Hidden Valley of Happiness at Crossroads- Sonam Lama and Ella Chay Yin Chi

Last year’s KIMFF, KIMFF 2012 started on December7, 2012 and it also premiered the movie ‘Soongava’.

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