Nepali Movie – Didi Bhai

didi bhaiNepali Movie – Didi Bhai
Starring – Rajesh Hamal, Tripti Nadkar, Sushil Chhetri, Garima Pant, Arpana Singh, Bhabu Lamsal, Ganesh Munal, Arjun Karki etc.
Producer – Sunil Manandhar
Writer / Director – Krishna Chapagain

‘Didi Bhai’ was a hit movie of Sunil Manandhar under banner Shree Ram Balaji Films. Child artists in the movie are Ashok Shrestha, Abhisekh Pokharel and Rakesh Lama, Arjun Karki is the new face in the movie.

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Richa Singh Thakuri, Madan Ghimire tries to create a controversy to promote Maya Gara La

The team of the movie scheduled to released on Baisakh 19, ‘Maya Gara La’ hasn’t been able to reach actress Richa Singh Thakuri for the publicity of the movie. The availability of the actress for the publicity is considered critical on the success of the movie.

maya gara la poster

By the way the unavailability of the actress has been publicized, it is more about defaming the actress than the publicity of the movie. We suspect, the movie team  wants to create controversy over the actress to promote the movie. It started when the director Madan Ghimire has asked a journalist to help find his actress before the release of the movie.

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Lazza agreement made Shilpa Pokharel jobless

In a latest news, the actress of Chhabi Raj Ojha film ‘Lazza’ had agreed not to do any movies until the release of the movie. The agreement might have sounded simple to Shilpa Pokharel at the time she signed up the debut movie. Now, she is facing the problem of being jobless waiting for the release. According the the agreement, Shilpa is not allowed to sign any movies or music video until ‘Lazza’ is released.

shilpa pokharel (2)

Chhabi says, in spite of the agreement, he can approve Shilpa to do movies that don’t affect his movie. Chhabi had wanted Shilpa to be the debut actress in his movie and doesn’t want any other movie claiming her to be the actress’s first movie.

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