Kohinoor director cried when he talked about Shree Krishna Shrestha in a press meet

The director of upcoming movie ‘Kohinoor’, Aakash Adhikari cried during a press meet to talk about the movie. He couldn’t control himself when he remembered the producer and the lead actor of the movie Shree Krishna Shrestha, who fell sick in his honeymoon.

Watch the following video to see the reaction of the director when he remembered Shree:

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Nepali Teleflm – Afno Kamai

afno kamai telefilmNepali Teleflm – Afno Kamai
StarringBrajesh Khanal, Santosh Pant, Suryamala Sharma, Kohinoor Karki etc.
Director – Santosh Pant

‘Afno Kamai’ is a television film made by Brajesh Khanal for Nepal Television in around 1993. The film is considered one of the trend-setting Telefilms of that time. The writer fo the telefilm, Brajesh Khanal, is featured as the main protagonist in the film. The telefilm is shot and edited by Arun Kumar Jha.

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