Friday release, Mistake

A film by Rishi Raj Acharya, ‘Mistake’ is a solo release in Nepali theater this Friday. The well known director of television, Rishi Raj Achary, is debuting in big screen with this movie. The movie made on a triangular love story features Harshika Shrestha, Prasant KC, Surbir Pandit, Rama Thapaliya and others.

The movie written by the director is produced by Subash Atharai. The movie is told to deal with the issues of the youths of today.

mistake poster
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Nepali Movie – Sindoor Pote

Nepali Film – Sindoor Pote
Starring, Saranga Shrestha, Narayan Tripathi, Shiva Regmi, Bishnu Sapkota etc.
Director – Rajudhoj Rana

The movie ‘Sindoor Pote’ is a presentation of Siddhi Vinayak production. The movie featuring late director Shiva Regmi also features his script and dialogue. Sunil Thapa is featured in special appearance while Rajkumar Shah and Radhika Lama are featured in in guest roles.  The movie features music by Laxman Sesh, action by NB Maharjan, choreography by Kedar Subba, editing by Narendra Khadka, cinematography by Raju Thapa, and made on the story of the director Rajudhoj.

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