Phagu, producer Karishma Manandhar comeback film announced

In an event held in Hotel Yak and Yeti, actress Karishma Manandhar made a comeback as a producer by announcing the starte fo the shooting of her upcoming movie ‘Falgu’. Karishma’s god-mother Anjali Shrestha had inaugurated the shooting of the film. Anjali is credited for the entry of Karishma in the Nepali film industry. Karishma is producing the film in association with Gopi Krishna Movies. The film marks the comeback of Karishma as a producer in the film industry after 14 years.

falgu inaguration karishma

The movie is being directed by Samjhana Upreti Rauniyar also features actor in an important role. The leading actors will be new actor Subash Parajuli and Shilpa Pokharel. Other actors in the movie include Karishma Manandhar, Binod Manandhar, Gauri Malla, Basanta Bhatta and others.

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Why was Raghav released in internet instead of theaters?

Watch "Raghav" here

The Raj Ballav Koirala‘s film ‘Raghav’ surprised everybody by releasing it in the internet instead of in theaters like other movies. Every other Nepali movies wait at least a year before releasing in YouTube. In that time they try to make the required profit from theaters and DVD sales. Releasing in YouTube is relatively a new trend and there are some producer still skeptical in releasing their films in internet. When ‘Raghav’ broke the tradition, a lot of Nepali film industry were surprised and some were even scared of the new development.

In response, ‘Raghav’ director Bhupendra Bhattarai wrote a long statement in Facebook (quoted below). The summary of his statement:

  • They want to try a different approach in distribution of movies.
  • Targeted audience of ‘Raghav’ is not Nepali theater audience but Nepali students in international institutions.
  • The film has already recouped the investment and the YouTube version does not earn any revenue.
  • Before releasing for free 500 copies of the film were sold. 

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