Nikhil Upreti signed a new movie before flying to the USA

The action actor Nikhil Upreti has flown to the USA on Friday, February 5 for the show of his movie ‘Bhairav’ in California, USA. The comeback movie of Upreti, ‘Bhairav’ features him as the producer, director and the leading actor. Made on the story of a police officer, ‘Bhairav’ was well received by the viewers.

Before flying to the USA, Nikhil Upreti has signed a new film of director Madhusudhan Bhattarai. The details of the unnamed movie is not available yet.

Video report on Nikhil’s US travel:

The show of ‘Bhairav’ is scheduled to be held in a theater in California in the evening of February 9, 2016. There are no other shows of the movies yet, but Nikhil expects more demands of the movies in other parts of the USA.

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Magar Movie – Gaula (ft. late Neha Pun)

I am sharing the movie featuring Magar actress Neha Pun (Yeruna Pun) who was raped and killed in Pokhara last week. The death of the 19-years old actress has started protests in streets in Pokhara. A full report on the incident is detailed in the following video:

Watch the movie:

gaula magar film featuring late Neha Pun

Magar Movie – Gaula
Director – Bibesh Budhathoki Magar

The movie was produced by Laxman Marke Magar and Ruplal Budha Magar. The cinematographer of the movie is Santosh Pithakote Magar, choreographer is Narayan Budha Magar, lyrics by Ruplal Budha Magar. The editing, graphics and mixing is done by Chhabi Rana Magar.

Watch ‘Gaula’ movie in two part:

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