Nikhil Upreti signed a new movie before flying to the USA

The action actor Nikhil Upreti has flown to the USA on Friday, February 5 for the show of his movie ‘Bhairav’ in California, USA. The comeback movie of Upreti, ‘Bhairav’ features him as the producer, director and the leading actor. Made on the story of a police officer, ‘Bhairav’ was well received by the viewers.

Before flying to the USA, Nikhil Upreti has signed a new film of director Madhusudhan Bhattarai. The details of the unnamed movie is not available yet.

Video report on Nikhil’s US travel:

The show of ‘Bhairav’ is scheduled to be held in a theater in California in the evening of February 9, 2016. There are no other shows of the movies yet, but Nikhil expects more demands of the movies in other parts of the USA.

US Visa Rumors

Earlier, there was rumor that the US embassy had rejected Nikhil’s visa application. The reason behind the rejection was told to be the difference between his name in the film industry and his official document. Nikhil’s official name is Dinesh Upreti. As Dinesh sound very simple name, he decided to change it to Nikhil – a better sounding name. Now, as Nikhil has already gone to the USA, the visa rumor is proved to be untrue.

Now, people have started questioning if he will return back. I think, he is likely to come back as the shooting of his upcoming movie ‘Samrakhan’ is going on. In the latest report, he has also signed in another movie and he is also planning the sequel of ‘Bhairav’.

nikhil upreti -during shooting of bhairav

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