Nisha weds Sharad, Marriage Photos

Actress Nisha Adhikari and crickter Sharad Vesawakar have got married in a 5 star hotel in Kathmandu. In the marriage ceremony, no journalists were invited. The photos I am sharing is obtained from the participants of the marriage ceremony.

The bride Nisha Adhikari was groomed in traditional Nepali saree. The groom Sharad Vesawakar also wore Nepali traditional dress made on Dhaka fabric.

Nisha and Sharad relationship

It has been 8 years since Sharad and Nisha had known each other. They were friends in the start. Later they started having a relationship closer than friendship. It has been 5 years since Nisha and Sharad considered each other partners.

Last year, Nisha and Sharad had parted their ways. In an interview, Nisha also told that she would never get married. All of a sudden she went to the USA, shaved her head. Then she went to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro mountain.

After Nisha’s return to Nepal, Sharad and Nisha were not seen together for a while. Amidst the rumour of separation, the news of their marriage came as a surprise. Nisha and Sharad decided the private ceremony to keep private and didn’t invite anybody from the media in the ceremony. Only their close friends and family were present in the marriage ceremony held on June 30, 2017.

The reception party is scheduled on July 2. In the party friends and family of the bride and groom are invited. As both of them are celebrities in their field, the party is expected to be a huge one. Stay tuned to keep updated on the marriage ceremony.

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