Nepali Movie – Shree 5 Ambare (Keki Adhikari, Saugat Malla)

Nepali Film – Shree 5 Ambare
Starring – Keki Adhikari, Saugat Malla, Bikram Singh Tharu etc.
Director – Deepa Basnet

About ‘Shree Paanch Ambare’

The movie directed by Deepa Basnet was released in 2014. The movie featuring Keki and Saugat in leading role also features Bikram Singh Tharu, Raj Gadaili, lokmani Sapkota, Sirjana Adhikari and Diwaj Rai. The movie with different flavour in naming and storyline, the movie gained a lot of talk. But, it wasn’t much successful in box office. The director had expressed her dissatisfaction on the business of the movie.

Actress Keki Adhikari is featured as a sex worker. Saugat is in a double role. The comedy movie is written by Abhimanyu Nirabi’s story and screenplay. Music in the film are composed by Basanta Sapkota, Kali Prasad Baskot, Babu Bogati and Yama Buddha. The movie features the choreography of Nirmal Rana, Naresh Bir Singh and Shiva BK. The dialogue is written by Abhimanyu Narabi and Amrit Agarwal.

Review of ‘Shree 5 Ambare’

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Callgirls in Pokhara, Call Girls (Part 2)

This is a series about girls in Pokhara. I had previously written by the girls in restaurant and this time it is the call girls.

Each of these professionals will be discussed in details in upcoming series.

Call Girls in Pokhara

Call girls are those girls that are available on a phone call. When there are parties, businessmen call these types of girls and have fun with them. They are called to have fun at the party. After the party, they also go with the clients to their hotel or rooms to have fun for the night. They look modern, and are educated and from well-to-do families. Instead of calling them a callgirl, they prefer to call them “company girl”.

Although the profession is same – selling their bodies for money, they come with a value in addition. They look smart and act smart. They like to go with the partner of their own age and they do negotiate for the price and the service. They have a network of friends who have unlimited supplies of girls according to the need of the clients.
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