Callgirls in Pokhara, Call Girls (Part 2)

This is a series about girls in Pokhara. I had previously written by the girls in restaurant and this time it is the call girls.

Each of these professionals will be discussed in details in upcoming series.

Call Girls in Pokhara

Call girls are those girls that are available on a phone call. When there are parties, businessmen call these types of girls and have fun with them. They are called to have fun at the party. After the party, they also go with the clients to their hotel or rooms to have fun for the night. They look modern, and are educated and from well-to-do families. Instead of calling them a callgirl, they prefer to call them “company girl”.

Although the profession is same – selling their bodies for money, they come with a value in addition. They look smart and act smart. They like to go with the partner of their own age and they do negotiate for the price and the service. They have a network of friends who have unlimited supplies of girls according to the need of the clients.
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Callgirls in Pokhara – Restaurant Girls (Part 1)

This is an investigative report series about callgirls in Pokhara, the tourist-destination in Nepal. Although such a trade is no legal in Nepal, the legal enforcement is not enough to stop such trade. These girls run their business in hotels restaurants and other public places. But, all women working in such businesses can’t be generalized. There are a lot of shady business practices but police do take action from time to time.

The business of love is one of the most ancient business of mankind. Although it is not legal in Nepal, it is nearly impossible to control and stop the trade. Because of the the restriction, a lot of crime in the business is not brought into court. That has created a lack of law and order among these people. Although the police arrests such girls from some hotels and restaurants from time to time, there are other places where no police intervention could be made. Many police officers are also the regular clients of the girls. This report is prepared based on police investigation, conversation with workers girls, hotel and restaurant owners, public, taxi drivers and social investigators. Every types of girls are in such business. There are girls in labour workers, professionals and celebrities involved in such businesses.

Each of these professional will be discussed in details in upcoming series.

Restaurant Girls

These types of girls and women are easy to find. Although they serve foods, these restaurants are more focused on girls than the foods. So, most of these restaurants have cabins and they serve limited amount of foods and a lot of drinks. Some even don’t have a cook as they only serve dry foods or foods ordered from other restaurants.

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I am comfortable, says a Nepali student, a call girl in Australia

A 24-years old student of an University of Australia, is working as a call girl for the cost of living. Apart from working in cleaning service and massage centre, Sakuntala (name changed for privacy) also visits homes to provide sex-service to customers.

Sakuntala works at massage centres at Parramatta, in the New South Wales state and cleaning services located nearby. But, the majority of her income comes from the internet escort services. The customers pay her price in the internet and call her to their home. Sakuntala says, “I go to their place and serve them. It pays me well.”

According to Sakuntala, she charges $150 for an hour of service. The amount is prepaid to her bank account before she shows up. She says, she knwos at least 5-6 Nepali girls who do the same thing. Sakuntala says, “We are happy to earn living by selling sex.”
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Schoolgirl call girl, ABC TV and journalism ethics

call-girl-dilmayaIn a latest news about a couple of schoolgirls being arrested for prostitution in Kathmandu, a local TV has been criticized for divulging too much information of the girl while dramatizing the issue.

On October 2, 2010 police arrested two girls from Town Plazza in Naxal. Two pimps named Sanjiv Lama and Som Bahadur Tamang were also arrested with the girls. It is told that they used to charge Rs. 50,000 for a night to customers, however, the girls got only Rs. 10,000. But, the issue is not about prostitution or, cheating the prostitutes, it is about how our journalist cover the news.

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