21 years old Ranju – Mayor candidate of Kathamandu, Karishma suggests Hamal to participate in election

Bibekshil Nepali has chosen a young and deserving candidate for the post of Mayor in Kathmandu. Although there is a little hope of her winning the election, she sure seems to be an interesting candidate. Let me dive into who Ranju Darshana is.

Who is Ranju Darshana?

Born in 2052 BS, Ranju lives with her single mom. She is currently doing her Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies in National College, Baluwatar.


Ranju wasn’t fan of the city closure for a political agenda. She is the advocate of disciplined politics. She told that her candidacy is the protest against “political syndicate.”

Ranju Darashana had been quite active in all the programs and protest program held by Bibekshil Nepal for the last three years. She says that she has a goal to make the city clean and beautiful.

Who are the other candidates of Mayor in Kathmandu?

Although the date of the election is approaching soon, the political parties are yet to announce their candidates. Bibekshil Party has also announced only the Mayoral candidates. Remaining candidates are yet to be announced. Some of the candidates announced so far are:

  • New party, Sajha Party has chosen an ex-secretary of Nepal government, Kishor Thapa
  • Rastriya Prajatantra Party – Rajaram Shrestha, the ex-spokesperson of the party. The Deputy Mayoral candidate is actress Rekha Thapa.

The success or the failure of these candidate depend on who the major political party choose to represent them. If past elections are to be considered as the benchmark of the success or the failure of candidate, here is a little chance of securing few thousand votes, let along winning the election.

Is there a chance of the 21-years-old, short haired, beautiful, candidate winning the election?

If she were to go into acting or modelling, she would certainly be the the right candidate, but running the capital city is a completely different thing. There is a big chunk of population that believes that experience is key when taking a public office.

In addition to that, there is nothing to show that Ranju is capable of doing things at the office. She was unknown the day before she was announced the candidate.

The party she represent is also known to have been defeated miserably in previous election. Although they talk big and have good plans, they have failed in convincing people about their relevancy. I think, the party has distanced itself from the general public and has tried to establish itself as an elite group of people with big dreams.

So, I think there is a very slim chance of Ranju winning this election. But, she would certainly be known to the people and she will be offered the opportunity for a bright future. All the best Ranju Darshana.

Karishma Manandhar suggests Rajesh Hamal

In a Facebook post after Rajesh Hamal commented about President Bidhya Devi Bhandari’s India visit, actress Karishma Manandhar suggested Hamal to participate in the Mayoral election of Kathmandu. In the Facebook status Karishma wrote: “A suggestion to Rajesh Hamal. If you are so worried about the country and the society, why don’t you compete in the Mayoral election of Kathmandu? If you compete, my vote to you is confirmed.

By the tone of the comment, Karishma’s has challenged Hamal to enter politics. Karishma has joined Naya Shakti Nepal party and is one of the Central Committee Member of the party. Hamal however has refused to join any political party. I don’t know for sure but – my guess is that Rajesh Hamal might have refused Karishma’s request to join the political party. In the past, Rajesh Hamal had commented that it was much better too remain unattached to any political parties.

Hamal is yet to respond to Karishma’s comment. Karishma and Hamal were one of the most favourite on-screen partners of their time – in the Nepali film industry.

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