Friday Release – Lukamari

This week, on June 24, 2016, Nepali movie ‘Lukamari’ is the solo release. The movie on the story of a tenant in a Kathmandu home, ‘Lukamari’ is a suspense comedy movie. The actor Saugat Malla is featured in the role of a Madhesi guy. Actor Karma Shakya is featured in the role of the son of the home owner. Actress Surabina Karki is featured in the role of another tenant.

friday release lukamari

The appearance of Saugat Malla and Karma had been popular even before the release of the movie. Saugat is featured as a Madheshi youth with crooked eyes and Karma is a typical Newar guy of Kathmandu and he has yellow hair. The movie directed by Shree Ram Dahal features Saugat Malla with Bikram Singh Tharu, Karma Shakya, Surabina Karki, Rista Basnet, Krishna Bhakta Maharjan and others.

The cinematographer of the movie si Susan Prajapati and is produced by Madan KC. The makeup artist is Amrit Marahatta. The story of the movie is written by Binod Khatitwda and the editor is Krishna Bhandari. The music director of the movie is Bikash Silwal.

Trailer of ‘Lukamari’

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