4 years of Shree Krishna death, Shweta has recovered

It has been 4 years since Shree Krishna Shrestha has died. Shree’s widow, actress Shweta Khadka had gone thought a very tough time of mourning. She had remained ‘unconscious’ for the first six months. After that she started treatment and got a little better after she went to the USA for the treatment.

She has forgotten to smile. It took her more than a year to regain the smile. In the beginning it looked like a fake smile. These days, she has learnt to be happy.

Video report:

Now, after 4 years, Shweta has acted in ‘Kanchhi’ and produced the film. The viewers had also liked the movie and Shweta has now become the actress that Shree Krishna made her.

It was Shree Krishna who had found Shweta to debut in his home production film ‘Kaha Bhetiyala’ (Watch ‘Kaha Bhetiyala’ here).

Shweta shared some photo of her swimming – bikini photos of Shweta is a good change in her personality. She had been a timid actress in terms of skin show. She had also acted only in the films of Shree Krishna. Now, she is starting to live the proper life of fun and entertainment.

Here are some photo of her swimming:

Shweta video report during the release of her movie ‘Kanchhi’:

Watch the last film of Shree Krishna – ‘Kohinoor’

Shweta’s comeback

Actress Shweta Khadka made comeback in the Nepali film industry in February with her first movie after the death of her husband, actor Shree Krishna Shrestha, in 2014. Shrestha died after a month of their marriage, a day before the release of their home production movie ‘Kohinoor’. In the movie, Shweta and Shree Krishna were featured in leading roles.

The depression of Shweta after the death of her husband was treated in Nepal and abroad. She went to USA for the treatment. Shweta produced ‘Kanchhi’ under Kaya Films banner. In the past, Shree Krishna used to produce his movies under Nepa Films banner. Shweta had told that Kaya is renamed version of Nepa films – as per the recommendation of astrologer.

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