Too much tears of Shweta Khadka, in films and in press meets

A press meet was held in Kathmandu to release the trailer of Shweta Khadka’s upcoming movie, ‘Kanchhi’. The movie directed by Akash Adhikari features Shweta with Dayahang Rai in leading roles. The trailer seems interesting because of the comedy and love story aspect. It seems, the movie has a lot of tears to watch for.

Video report:

Tears has been one of the thing that hasn’t left Shweta for a long time now. Let me discuss her comeback in a separate heading:

Shweta Khadka comeback

Actress Shweta Khadka is making comeback in the Nepali film industry in February with her first movie after the death of her husband, actor Shree Krishna Shrestha, in 2014. Shrestha died after a month of their marriage, a day before the release of their movie ‘Kohinoor’. In the movie, Shweta and Shree Krishna were featured in leading roles. After the death of her husband, Shweta went on a long depression and mourning. After much treatment she has recovered and has produced ‘Kanchhi’ under Kaya Films banner. Shree Krishna used to produce movies under Nepa Films banner.

‘Ka’ in Shree Krishna and Shweta’s films

Shweta told that she is a very religious person. So was Shree Krishna and the director Akash Adhikari is also a religious person. So, they believe in good luck and religious forces that help in making a film successful. That was the reason all the movies produced by Shree Krishna starts with ‘Ka’. The first movie of Shree as a producer ‘Kaha Bhetiyela’ was released in 2009 and was a successful movie. The second movie ‘Kohinoor’ also starts with ‘Ka’.

These names are decided after the consultations with astrologers. The director Akash Adhikari also makes films starting with ‘Ka’.

Why Dayahang Rai wasn’t there?

In the press meet to announce the release of the trailer, the lead actor Dayahang Rai wasn’t present. Shweta told that Dayahang is busy in a shooting. She told, Dayahang had made the arrangement for the attendance in a previously scheduled trailer release press meet. But, because the date was changed Dayahang couldn’t make it to the press meet. She told, all the movies that Dayahang was absent in press meets were successful. That was why she was happy by Dayahang’s absence in the press meet.

Why a new banner?

In the press meet, Shweta was asked why she registered a new banner instead of using Shree Krishna’s banner? In response to the question, Shweta told that the banner is the same with a new name. That was because an astrologer suggested the new name is lucky and being a religious person, she decided to use the new name, Kaya Films. She told that the legal documents and details are that of Shree Krishna’s banner Nepa Films.

Why family members didn’t come to the press meet?

In the press meet, Shweta had invited her mother and other members of her maternal family. But, there were nobody from late Shree Krishna’s family. In a question about that Shweta told that the whole family is planning to go to watch the movie on the first show. They didn’t come to the press meet because that was the day of the yearly proceedings of the death of Shree Krishna’s mother. She had passed in September of 2015 (that doesn’t make it a yearly proceeding, in January). I wrote about the death of Jagat Kumari earlier (read it here.)

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