Ajhai Pani debut actress Surakshya Panta comeback in Dhanapati and Suskera

The actress who debuted in Alok Nembang’s last movie ‘Ajhai Pani’, Surakshya Panta has decided to return back to acting. After a few years of absence the civil engineer actress has completed the shooting of ‘Suskera’ and is preparing herself for another movie titled ‘Dhanapati’.

The movie ‘Dhanapati’ is being produced by the team that produced superhit movie ‘Pashupati Prasad’. The movie featuring Khagendra Lamichhane in leading role with feature Surakshya opposite to Khagendra and will be directed by Dipendra K Khanal. A video report on Surakshya Panta’s comeback and ‘Dhanapati’:

About ‘Suskera’

The movie by Samten Bhutia, ‘Suskera’ features Swarup Purush Dhakal and Surekshya Panta in leading role. The movie announced in October of 2016 is in its post production stage now. The actor Swarup is debuting in the Nepali movie industry in the movie. In addition to acting, Swarup composes music and sings songs. The actor has taken acting and music training in Mumbai, India.

The movie is made on a love story of struggling youth. The movie is being directed by the director of ‘Letter’ and ‘Tyandro’. The cinematographer of the movie is Purushottam Pradhan, music is composed by the leading actor Dhakal. Background score by Sujil Karmacharya.

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