Another Beauty Contest – Riddhi Siddhi Miss Teen

Riddhi_siddhi_teen_talent Oh no, not again! Another beauty contest!

I thought Miss Teen was already done. But, it was Republica Miss Teen and now it is Riddhi Siddhi Miss Teen. If the trend continues every teen girls in the street will have at least one Miss Teen title. Records are to be broken. There were three beauty contests in the last week of December and I am positive in seeing three contests in a single day. Are Guinness people listening?

Poor boys, I wish there were at least one Mr. Teen… sorry guys.

There are 30 contestents of age 14 to 19 years of age. That was out of 130 participants selected in the audition. This the the third year the organizer, Movie House, is conducting the Miss Teen event.


The contest will be done for 11 titles including Miss Teen, First and Second Runner-ups. The participants are being trained for crime awareness, IT awareness, food and dining, personality development, grooming etc. at the Naxal Crown Plaza hotel.

miss teen and president-0

The President posed to take a photo with the participants in the President’s palace. (Photo: Nagarik)

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