Arunima Lamsal organized ‘Pasni’ of her daughter

On the occasion of the completion of the fourth month of her daughter, Akshyata Aryal, actress Arunima Lamsal organized a traditional ceremony, Pasni, on Wednesday, April 11, 2012. In the event many of the Nepali movie industry personalities were present.

In the event, Arunima seem to have regained her figure and was actively entertaining the guests. Arunima had been participating in public events after two months of her pregnancy. Arunima also had to introduce her husband, Amit Aryal, to many guests as Amit, a banker by profession, is new to the Nepali film industry.

Many noticed that Naresh Poudel was missing in the event. Naresh is a special person whom Arunima used to respect as the god-father and gives credits of bringing her into the film industry. Although Naresh had told previously about the misunderstanding with Arunima, his absence in such an important event indicates a serious problem in their relationship.

Arunima who has been an actress in various movies in the last decade is also the daughter of a well known character artist Radha Lamsal. Arunima is planning to resume acting soon. Arunima and Amit’s first child Akshyata was born on November 8, last year.

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