Arunima Lamsal Divorced, Who else divorced in the Nepali film industry?

Actress (I can add a ‘former’ in front of the word) Arunima Lamsal has divorced her husband of 12 years, in the USA recently. The mother of a six years old daughter decided to separate after she felt her freedom compromised by her husband. According to reports, Arunima has taken custody of her daughter Akshyata Aryal and is living with her parents in Baltimore, USA. Arunima’s mother Radha Lamsal (Bhabu Lamsal) is also a well known actress in the Nepali television and big screen films.

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Divorces in the Nepali film industry

The unsteady relationship is one of the characteristics of the celebrities. Problem in relationships, and divorces are widely talked about and make news. That is one of the reasons there is a perception that relations of celebrities are temporary. But, there are a lot of celebrities who are happily married.

Here is a quarter century divorces in the Nepali film industry.

Here are some of the latest divorces in the film industry:

Milan Amatya – Well known playback singer divorced before Dashain. (Read details of Milan Amatya’s divorce)

Rekha Thapa and Chhabi Raj Ojha formally divorced in 2016. They had divorced unofficially in 2012 and were living separately after that.

Iku, Suleman Shankar divorced in 2014 (Details about Iku’s divorce)

Priyanka Karki divorced in 2012 but she kept it a secret until 2013. Now Priyanka is having affair with Ayushman Desraj and her ex husband Rochak Mainali has found a new wife. (Priyanka’s divorce news)

Actress Manisha Koirala also divorced in the same year. (conflicting reports at that time)

Ranjana Sharma and director Shyam Bhattarai divorce – the filmy couple had a film-style relationship.

It is not only marriages that break – love affairs also break up from time to time among the celebrities. For example, Ayushman’s breakup with Paramita RL Rana was a huge news. Anna Sharma’s breakup with Anmol KC was also a big news. Sushma Karki’s two breakups were no less than a divorce.

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