Smita Thapa, my daughter, and Kantipur media house

…Minority knowledgeables thought Smita as a very courageous, frank, fearless, and revolutionary woman…

If, I am sure I am right, I don’t care what others say about me. But, when I am in doubt, I start seeking palatable excuses to prove myself right! That is what Saptahik is doing by publishing the following article.


click here to go to the article in Kantipur website. (update in March 2015, the link is dead and is removed)

When I read this article in Saptahik, I knew it was targeted to me. I was the one who questioned the intention of the magazine. Our xnepali team sat down to talk about it and published a poll too. The poll is till there for voting in the front page. As of writing this post, 72% (111) of voters think Kantipur is advertising call girl, 9% (14) think Smita is a good girl, and 6% (9) of voters think the article was harmless.

Amrendra Yadav, the author of the article, ranks himself in the 6% of the voters and argues that Smita is radical, bold and revolutionary woman. He says Smita is self sustained but, doesn’t reveal the source of her income. Do you know of a profession in Nepal that earns 400,000 to 500,000 a month? (she told she can spend that much a month!) As far as I know, nobody earns that much except CEOs of major banks. Tell me, if she is in banking business!

I have nothing against her, personally. I do advocate legal prostitution and if she is in that business she should be bold enough to say so. But, there is nothing radical or bold in accepting the fact, as prostitution is one of the oldest profession in mankind.

Does anybody agree that there is a valid reason on why you are not allowed to drive drunk? Point to be considered, Smita was stoned drunk while she gave the interview!

Amrendra ji, I have a two year old daughter. I don’t want her to look on Smita as role model. If Smita has to tell about her sex stories she can publish books. I might buy one, and I am sure they would be hit in the market but, please don’t publish such stories in national newspapers.

(I have sent the link to this article to and I am also expecting comment from the Saptahik article author)

3 thoughts on “Smita Thapa, my daughter, and Kantipur media house

  1. she is destroying our society….. i would not rather have link to such people… ani about the book…. i would buy one too…. it would be a major hit….. esp. the story ” In The Car “….

  2. I think Miss smita is in such profession where the bodies are sold for mere an intercourse,,,,,

    If you talk about it freely, ou can do it and it doesnot have to be in National Newspaper,,,,,
    The interview shous her cheapness,,,,,and it cant be termed as bold and radical,,,,,, i can say I will be PM of Nepal in 5 year,,,,who will buy this,,,,,,,

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