Smita Thapa, my daughter, and Kantipur media house

…Minority knowledgeables thought Smita as a very courageous, frank, fearless, and revolutionary woman…

If, I am sure I am right, I don’t care what others say about me. But, when I am in doubt, I start seeking palatable excuses to prove myself right! That is what Saptahik is doing by publishing the following article.

click here to go to the article in Kantipur website. (update in March 2015, the link is dead and is removed)
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Journalism Ethics, Maya Bazin, Smita Thapa, and Kantipur

UPDATE: One of the admins of the site hosting Maya’s video has replied to our question about the background of Maya Bazin. Here is what they have to say:

She’s a |**rn girl. That’s why she’s lying. Most girls don’t want to give away their real background so she made something up. ….

I hope the editors in Saptahik have learned the lesson.

Last time, when the infamous sex tape of Namrata Shrestha was covered in various media, BBC Nepali initiated a discussion on the Journalist ethics and responsibility. At that time many media houses, including Kantipur publication, choose to ignore the issue and acted as if the scandal didn’t happen.

The time has changed. It seems, Kantipur is regretting the noble decision it made at that time.

When Kantipur published an interview of an intoxicated and sexually aggressive model/actress, Smita Thapa, we questioned its real purpose. A latest front-page article about a sex film actress, Maya Bazin, has made the interview of Smita Thapa insignificant to talk about.

As far as I know, it is illegal to make or sell sex films in Nepal. Such act is punishable by law. Does that make it illegal to create undue interest on such films in general public? I hope, the law pundits will answer the question in comment.

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Smita Thapa’s Advertisement or an Interview

There was a very hot interview of a model, Smita Thapa, in Saptahik, the sister publication of Nepal’s top newspaper, Kantipur. The interview titled “I need a man not a husband” claims that the model Smita Thapa uses men as toys and she uses men only for her sexual needs. Claiming to be the first public revelation of her private life, Smita talks about her decade long sex life. Smita started revealing more details of her sex life as the whiskey she was drinking took control of her.

In a startling revelation, she told that she couldn’t remember how many men she has slept with.

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