Bhuwan KC to represent CPN UML in Kathmandu 1

Actor Bhuwan KC had joined party politics in hopes to win in an election and start his political career. Bhuwan has used all political tactics to win the CPN UML nomination.

In the nomination list of UML released on October 1, Bhuwan KC is named the candidate in Kathmandu 1 constituency.

Earlier, when he was not in the shortlist of the nomination, he publicly announced about joining rival RPP Party. At that time, Bidur Mainali was recommended to represent the party in Kathmandu 1. But, Bhuwan’s strategy worked and he succeeded in getting the nomination.

Bhuwan KC’s opposition in the election are CPN Maoist’s Renu Dahal (the daughter of Prachanda), Congress leader Prakashman Singh and RPP leader Bharat Jangam.