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Nepali movie ‘Maun’ was released all over the theatres in Nepal on September 27, 2013. The movie is jointly produced by Nabin Gauli and Suraj Bhusal, the director. Maun features Arpan Thapa and Namrata Shrestha in lead role. In addition to being the lead actor, Arpan has also written the story of the suspense love story of two deaf people.

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‘Maun’ starts at a library where a couple buy a book titled ‘Maun’ written by an other named Barsha (Namrata Shrestha). The couple also meet writer in the café of library where, they reveal the story of Barsha. Barsha is a mute, deaf girl who had returned back to Nepal from United States and meets another deaf guy called Iman (Arpan Thapa) in a personality development workshop. As the time passed, Iman and Barsha fall in love.

When Barsha’s father returned from United States the twist and turns start to happen in their love story. I don’t want to ruin your movie watching experience by saying all about what happened to Iman and Barsha and how they face problems.

Strength and Weakness:

Before the release of Maun, the director had said that ‘Maun’ is a simple love story of two deaf people with suspense in the story. And as the director said ‘Maun’ is a simple suspense love story. Two deaf people and their chemistry are presented in sweet manner. The performance of the actors is another plus point of the movie. The background music of Rohit Shakya is good and it flows with the sign language of deaf people.

The songs of Sugam Pokharel and Sanup Poudel are melodious. As the lead actors are deaf, they interact in sign language and the audience left to understand them or read subtitle to understand the love chemistry between the actors. The communication of deaf people look nature and the flow of the movie doesn’t let the audience to feel bored.

Arpan Thapa‘s story and screenplay is appropriate and to the mark. The movie has a good scope for being better if the post interval part were tied in properly. The movie’s suspense and ending may not please all the viewers. Some of the out-of-sync scenes like, a rich and family girl trying to steal a simple dress might not feel appropriate. Story and the plot on post interval part of the movie could have been made better. Even if there are places it could be made better, the movie itself will not disappoint the audiance.

Star Cast:

Maun’s specialty is its star cast. Both the lead actors Arpan Thapa and Namrata Shrestha have done their roles very well. Both Arpan and Namrata have exceled in the new and difficult role. They have transformed themselves as deaf mute people and the conversation in sign language also feels natural.

As an actress, Namrata Shrestha looks beautiful, as always. Arpan Thapa’s facial expression and the way expressing emotions are appreciable. Another character Boke (a deaf character and a friend of Iman) has also done good job and makes you smile whenever he appears on the screen. Boke’s expressions are very funny to make you laugh.


The movie ‘Maun’ is a simple and sweet love story of two deaf people. There isn’t any additional masala type of content. It is a big relief in the time when every movie feature contents copied from other movies and are full of sex scenes.

My recommendation – You should watch the movie !

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