Both Bhuwan KC and Rekha Thapa removed from the election candidates list

After protests from the party workers, Bhuwan KC was removed from the CPN UML election candidate list. Although he was stated to represent party in Kathmandu constituency 1 in the initial list, he was removed after protest. In the final list, Bidhya Neupane will represent the party in the constituency.

rekha thapa - bhuwan kc -

In the similar manner, actress Rekha Thapa was also removed from the final candidate list of the CPN Maoist. When Rekha’s attempt to get ticket in Kathmandu failed, she was successful in getting the recommendation from Parsa district. But, in the final list she was replaced by Baliram Shah in Parsa 1 constituency.

A lot of artists had joined party politics in hopes of active participation. But, after these incidents, interests of artists in party politics is sure to wane. Artists have a huge public backing and ignoring them in election can have counter productive outcomes.

The real impact of these incidents will however be seen only after the election.