Bhuwan KC’s movie promotion leaves no stones unturned

Actor Bhuwan KC is known for creating controversies at the time of the release of his movies. His divorce rumors, love affairs, family history and stuffs like that surface at the time of movie releases.

First, the poster – one of the posters of Bhuwan KC’s (it’s actually Bhuwann now if you take a closer look, to take advantage of the benefits of his lucky number, seven) upcoming movie "Sathi Ma Timro" resembles a lot like the poster of Bruce Will’s movie "Persuit of Happyness". Although the poster is more than a Photoshop replica (as in a number of morphed cases of other Nepali movie posters), the concept and design is similar, indicating the story might be a copy of the 2006 Hollywood.

One can never sure if Bhuwan wanted more publicity by copying poster of a successful movie or not as he is known for using different marketing methods to promote his movies. He believes publicity is publicity, whether it is positive or negative.

Last time, during the release of his movie "Ma Timi Bina Marihalchu" Bhuwan KC acted in a popular comedy serial Tito Satya. It seems, the decision to act in small screen proved beneficial for the success of the movie and now, he want to replicate the success by acting in Meri Bassai, another popular television serial.

Summary of what Bhuwan KC has done or might do for the promotion of Sathi Ma Timro:

  • Sathi Ma Timor is the debut movie of Bhuwan and his second wife Sushmita KC‘s son Anamol KC. He might extensively use his son in the promotion of the movie.
  • During the release of "Ma Timi Bina Marihalchu" Bhuwan had reunited with Sushmita for a short period. Such a possibility can’t be ruled out given the fact that Sushmita is mentioned as being responsible for "Story concept and conceived by."
  • His role in comedy serial Meri Bassai in Nepal Television will certainly have positive marketing effort in the promotion of the movie.
  • Bhuwan will surely do various interviews and might try to raise controversies, accusations and gossips to help promote the movie.

Good luck Bhuwan KC!


6 thoughts on “Bhuwan KC’s movie promotion leaves no stones unturned

  1. i have watched many of his pictures….alas!! i didn’t get a new original stuff…….”inspired”
    from the Indian movies or just a BIG COPY CAT!! even looking at the pictures and trailors of his recent movie “sathi…” sounds like not a new stuff…but the same old stuff with a new name …..y dont these ppl try sth different …comon …have a little shame if u think you still have ….movie makers

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