Friday Release – Nagarik

This Friday, on November 6, 2015 new Nepali movie ‘Nagarik’. The movie directed by Bimal Poudel features Bishow Basnet, Anu Shah, Puspa Acharya, Sarita Giri, Ganesh Upreti, Ramesh Budhathoki etc. The cinematographer of the movie is Raju Thapa and the movie is produced by Ayushree Rajbhandari and Sarbhani Rajya Dulal. The movie features the music of Laxman Shesh, lyrics of Puspa Acharya.

nagarik poster1

The movie made on political theme, ‘Nagarik’ is being released in 40 theaters all over Nepal. The movie features the incidents from the political change of 2007 BS to the current condition. The director, Bimal Poudel, says that the movie fits in the current political condition and he expects the viewers to like it.

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Prachanda's new house / Everest Bank building / owned or leased ?

The CPN Maoist chairman Prachanad has moved to a new residence in Lazimpat from his earlier home of the last five and half years, in Naya Bazar.

Kantipur published a photo of a red brick house as Prachanda’s new house. But, Prachanda son, Prakash Dahal, has posted a facebook wall post, accusing the newspaper of publishing the building of Everest Bank as their home.

Although various media have told that the new residence is their own, Prakash said in his Facebook profile that the new house is also rented for a limited time. To the question about the rumor that the house was their own, Prakash replied:

The photo below is the actual residence of Prachanda (Photo credit – Nagarik).

In Nepalese context, it is not easy to believe in politicians. These days, it is even harder to believe the newspapers or media.

Talking about irresponsibility of Nepali media, Nepal Samacharpatra and Avenues TV published a "Research Based" news by researching a comedy article – saying that Bollywood actor Amitabh Bhachchan has Nepali roots. But, even after a lot of ridiculation, the media houses haven’t felt the need to clarify their news.

Let’s hope, Nepali newspaper will act a
bit more matured in the future and we we will always be told the truth!

Price Hike – unnatural alliance between three media houses

Annapurna Post, Kantipur Publication’s Kantipur Daily and Republic Media’s Nagarik have reached into an agreement to increase the price of the Nepali dallies by 100%.  The dailies that cost Rs. 5 were priced double at Rs. 10 on December 14, 2011. On the surface, these three newspapers used to be considered rivals of each other.

In response, Kunda Dixit in his Twitter post, told, "Dead tree newspapers are dinosaurs, start reading them online and save the environment."

The longest notice about the price hike is published by Annapurna Post. Nagarik published the second longest and Kantipur published the shortest notice to explain why they have decided to hike the price. 

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Binita Baral – Chapali Height photo is no ‘nudity’

UPDATE: Binita Baral organized the press meet. She is ‘happy’ to tell her story and seems ‘happier’ by the amount of media attraction the photo created. In her Facebook she didn’t care to tell what was the real thing she told in the press meet. That means it is not the important. It seems, the press meet was well planned beforehand and they had taken some photos specially for the anticipated press meet – photos showing undergarments. Binita posted this message in Facebook:

The Facebook message says nothing about her concern (because, she isn’t concerned about the real issue). She didn’t even felt the need to clarify in her Facebook profile (because, she doesn’t want to spoil the media attention).

(The photo of the cover is removed.)

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Binita Baral, the ‘Chapali Heights‘ fame model/actress, has been in and out of controversy since she enter the Nepali movie industry. At first she was kicked out of a movie, without compensation, after she had already signed the deal.

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