10K ‘Chapali Height’ posters destroyed

After the Binita Baral controversy over the publication some of her photos in various magazine covers, the producer of the movie, Arju Kumar, decided to destroy all the posters designed with the naked photos. About Rs. 250,000 was the cost of design, re-design, and printing of the destroyed posters.

(All the photos are removed from the post.)

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Binita Baral – Chapali Height photo is no ‘nudity’

UPDATE: Binita Baral organized the press meet. She is ‘happy’ to tell her story and seems ‘happier’ by the amount of media attraction the photo created. In her Facebook she didn’t care to tell what was the real thing she told in the press meet. That means it is not the important. It seems, the press meet was well planned beforehand and they had taken some photos specially for the anticipated press meet – photos showing undergarments. Binita posted this message in Facebook:


The Facebook message says nothing about her concern (because, she isn’t concerned about the real issue). She didn’t even felt the need to clarify in her Facebook profile (because, she doesn’t want to spoil the media attention).

(The photo of the cover is removed.)

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Binita Baral, the ‘Chapali Heights‘ fame model/actress, has been in and out of controversy since she enter the Nepali movie industry. At first she was kicked out of a movie, without compensation, after she had already signed the deal.

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