Binita Baral – in Go Organic movement

Actress Binita Baral participated in a rally organized to raise voice against the use of harmful pesticides in agriculture. The ‘Harmful Pesticide Free Week’ is organized by the Agricultre Minsitry of the Government of Nepal and runs from Mangsir 18 to 25 (December 3 to 10). The awareness campaign tries to create awareness to the consumers about the harmful effects of pesticides in agriculture.

binita baral - go organic movement

In a facebook post, Binita said, we should go organic and stop using pesticides in agriculture. She adds,"Pesticides are positions not medicine." She says, we should raise our voice against the poisionous substance and live a healthy life.

Binita has started an organic farming business. Binita has been complaining about lack of publicity of her business when compared to glamour. For the first time as an artist, Binita is also doing a play starting this Friday.

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