Shilpa Pokhrel to debut in Lazza, Chhabi changing actresses

Producer Chhabi Raj Ojha is going to introduce a new actress – Shilpa Pokhrel in his upcoming movie ‘Lazza’. Chhabi announced the new movie with the announcement of the release of ‘Loafer’

lazza team

‘Lazza’ is going to feature Aryan Sigdel, Mithila Sharma, Kiran KC, Hiuwala Gautam and Shilpa Pokhrel. The movie is being directed by Nawal Nepal, known for directing Kalyan Ghimire’s ‘Shreeman’ and ‘Mahasush’.

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Chhabi Ojha’s Loafer releasing on December 6

Well known producer Chhabi Raj Ojha is releasing his second movie ‘Loafer’ made under his banner Chhabiraj Films on December 6. In a press meet organized in Kathmandu, the actors and directors of the movie introduced their characters and told that the movie content is very good.

‘Loafer’ features Aryan Sigdel, Dayahang Rai, Kamalmani Nepal, Rajani KC etc. in leading roles. After debuting Rekha Thapa in movies, Chhabi had been consistently featuring her in his movies. ‘Loafer’ is the first movie Rekha is absent. He is introducing a new actress, Rajani KC and the lead actor Aryan is also told not to be in good terms with Rekha.

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Stars of Nepal – cultural program to be held in Qatar

For the entertainment of the Nepali people living in Qatar, a cultural night is being held on December 17, 2013.

In the cultural program, artists like actress Neeta Dhungana, Kunjana Ghimire, Sitaram Kattel, Gajit Bista,  Nishma Ghimire, Satya Raj Acharya, Swaroop Raj Acharya, Rejina Rimal, Mukti Sharma, Dhan Bahadur Karki are participating.

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Binita Baral – in Go Organic movement

Actress Binita Baral participated in a rally organized to raise voice against the use of harmful pesticides in agriculture. The ‘Harmful Pesticide Free Week’ is organized by the Agricultre Minsitry of the Government of Nepal and runs from Mangsir 18 to 25 (December 3 to 10). The awareness campaign tries to create awareness to the consumers about the harmful effects of pesticides in agriculture.

In a facebook post, Binita said, we should go organic and stop using pesticides in agriculture. She adds,"Pesticides are positions not medicine." She says, we should raise our voice against the poisionous substance and live a healthy life.

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