Salman Khan’s Controversial concert Da-Bangg the Tour Nepal re-scheduled

The controversial tour of Salman Khan, Da-Bangg has been re-scheduled from March 10 to some time in April. That was caused by protest from a Maoist group – the Biplav- Maoist faction. The group had threatened the concert organizers of promoting Indian artists instead of promoting Nepali artists.

Video report about the event cancellation:

According to the organizer, ODC Entertainment, the tour was canceled because of a ‘special reason’. In the statement in Facebook, the organization has told that they have already spent Rs. 100 million for the event to cost an estimated sum of Rs. 150,000,000. Salman Khan is reportedly paid Rs. 50 million in advance for the concert. The date however is yet to be finalized for the concert.

The organizers have told that those who had bought the tickets to the event, will be able to use it for the show in the new date. In the meantime, ticket sell is continuing.
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Binita Baral – in Go Organic movement

Actress Binita Baral participated in a rally organized to raise voice against the use of harmful pesticides in agriculture. The ‘Harmful Pesticide Free Week’ is organized by the Agricultre Minsitry of the Government of Nepal and runs from Mangsir 18 to 25 (December 3 to 10). The awareness campaign tries to create awareness to the consumers about the harmful effects of pesticides in agriculture.

In a facebook post, Binita said, we should go organic and stop using pesticides in agriculture. She adds,"Pesticides are positions not medicine." She says, we should raise our voice against the poisionous substance and live a healthy life.

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Rajesh Hamal danced in Vote Nepal Musical Tour

After conducting musical programs in 16 cities by 40 different artists, the election awareness musical tour has concluded in a program held at Durbar Square. The event organized by the Election Commission of Nepal was supported by USAID and IFES.

On the final program at Durbar Square the super star of Nepali movie industry, also danced. Other artists present in the program include comedy actors Deepak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree Niraula, Binita Baral, Parbati Rai, Ram Krishna Dhakal, Shankar BC, Sugam Pokharel, Aim Baral, Ram Krishna Dhakal, Nisha Sunar, Pashupati Sharma, Asta Raut, RP Bhattari, Sanjeep Pradhan and others.

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Musical concert with resolution writing

A ‘resolution for change’ program with a musical concert was organized by Kantipur Media Group today afternoon (November 10) at the Tundikhel grounds in Kathmandu. The program named “Pariwartan” with the slogan “One Nepali: One Resolution” was managed by Party Nepal and was live telecasted in Kantipur TV and Radio Kantipur.

Five of the famous Nepali musical bands, Robin and The New Revolution, Mukti and Revival, Mt 8848, The Shadows and Awaj Band presented different songs including patriotic songs in the 7 hours long program. ‘Mantra’, a rock and roll band from Darjiling also presented its famous song-‘Bir Gorkhali’. Hemant Rana, Sugam Pokhrel and Yogeshwor Amatya were also among the performers.

There were 15 different resolution boards of 4 ft height and 20 ft breadth in the area for the public to write their resolution. Kantipur Media Group signed a resolution – “Giving continuity to the Pariwartan Movement, Kantipur Media Group will work for social welfare.” Famous Comedian Deepak Raj Giri wrote his resolution – “he will follow Traffic Rules and will spend 10% of income in social work.”