Biraj Bhatt teams up with Shakti Kapoor in a Bhojpuri film

Nepali actor Biraj Bhatt and Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor have teamed up to act in a Bhojpuri movie. Being too busy in Bhojpuri movies Biraj hasn’t appeared in Nepali movie for a while. All the recent movies of Biraj released in Nepal are dubbed Bhojpuri films. The last movie of Biraj titled ‘Jungbhumi’ was released on July 10.

biraj bhatt and shakti kapoor

Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor has been quite popular negative and comedy-role actor in Bollywood. Shakti’s daughter Shraddha Kapoor has also made a good impression in Bollywood film industry. Being an influential actor in Bollywood, Shakti Kapoor is believed to be of help to Biraj in debuting in Bollywood films.

The movie featuring Shakti and Biraj is told to be an action love story movie. The release date of the unnamed movie is also not announced. This isn’t the only Bhojpuri movie featuring Biraj and Shakti Kapoor. They were featured together with Rekha Thapa, Suvekshya Thapa, Rejina Upreti, Poojana Pradhan  in ‘Hum Hai Hero Hindustani’ – released in Nepal by the name ‘Pratikar’ (watch ‘Pratikar’ here.

Shakti Kappor has turned 57 on September 3.

We had recently posted a few dubbed movies of Biraj Bhatt. Some of the movies include ‘Kabja’ and ‘Gunda’. Both the movies were released on the same day in October last year (watch ‘Kabja’ and watch ‘Gunda’).  To watch all the movies of Biraj Bhatt, posted in xnepali, click in Biraj Bhatt Profile.

Biraj’s disappearance from the Nepali film industry and the release of his dubbed Bhojpuri movies has reportedly hurt his image in the Nepali film industry. There is a little possibility of his return in the Nepali film industry. So, he is believed to be trying to enter Bollywood. It is to be noted that the attempt of Nikhil Upreti to enter Bollywood went in vain and he has recently returned back in the Nepali film industry with ‘Bhairav’. The movie is doing well in single-screen theater.

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