Friday Release -Jungabhumi, post-earthquake release calendar

The release of new Nepali movies had halted right after the April 25 earthquake. Starting last week with the release of ‘One Side Love’, new Nepali movies have started to release in theaters. This Friday, on July 10, another Nepali movie ‘Jungbhumi’, featuring Biraj Bhatt, has released.

The movie, probably dubbed from Bhojpuri, features Biraj Bhatt with South Indian actress Rani Chhatarjee. The action movie is made on a story about love of parents. (Click here for the list of all the movies of Biraj Bhatt in xnepali)

An audio report:

With two new movies released in a row, the post-earthquake recovery of the Nepali movie sector can be considered to be on its final stage.

UPDATE: 2072 movie release calendar is moved to a new post. The post will be regularly updated.

I believe, more movies will be announced in coming days.

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