Pokhara College and Education

This is the third part in a series about Pokhara.

The first college in Pokhara was Prithivi Narayan Campus. Affiliated to Tribhuwan University the college was the only higher education institution for a long time. These days, Pokhara has it’s own university and other education institutions.

Now, Pokhara has more than eight hundred private and public high schools. Most of the private schools are boarding schools.

Institutions of higher learning offer up to doctorate level of eduction in social sciences, business, and science and technology.

Some of the eduction institutes are:

Pokhara University
Pokhara University was established in 1997 as Nepal’s fifth university in Nepal. Along with Purbanchal University, Pokhara University was formed as part of the government’s policy for improved access to higher education. The prime minister is the university chancellor and the minister for education is the pro-chancellor. The vice chancellor is the principal administrator of the university.

Pokhara University has four Constituent Schools where Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees and PhD programs are running,

There are 57 academic institutions under its affiliation with Bachelor, Master, M.Phil and PhD. degrees programs,

Pokhara University has a Central Office building, Examination Office building, and Academic building in Khudi-Dhungepatan, Lekhnath Municipality.

Prithivi Narayan Campus

Prithvi Narayan College, was established in Sept. 1, 1960 as the first community college of the Kaski district for post secondary education. At the start, the classes were run in Ratna Rajya Laxmi High School. In 1961 it was a public land in Bagar was assigned for the college. It is one of the largest affiliate campuses of Tribhuvan University and is a major center for post secondary education in the western region of Nepal.

Institute of Engineering Western Region Campus
The Pashchimanchal campus started in 1987 with an assistance from the World Bank and UNDP/ILO. Initially only technician courses were offered at the campus offering diploma degrees. After Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering phased out the diploma stream in 2069 BS. Now, the institution offers engineering courses in six disciplines at bachelor level and three disciplines in masters level. The institution is affiliated to the IOE, TU.

Updates on the following coming soon:

Institute of Forestry – Pokhara Campus

Gandaki College of Engineering and Science

Gandaki Boarding School

Pokhara Engineering College

Mount Annapurna Campus

Pokhara Nursing Campus

Manipal College of Medical Science

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