Callgirls in Pokhara, College girls (Part 3)

This is the third part in a series about girls in Pokhara. I had previously written by the girls in restaurant, call girls. This time it is school and college girls.

Apart from professionals some girls work part-time in the profession. Such part time workers either full-time employee in some office or full-time students. Students in pokhara are not as easy to find as other types of girls in the profession. But, there are a lot of school and college girls in the profession in Pokhara.

Where do College girls come from?

According to the clients, these are the girls who come from places out of Pokhara. They usually come from villages in surrounding areas or from neighbouring district for further studies. They are usually living with their relatives or in a group of friends. Although some are in such profession for fun, most of them come from poor family. They go out with rich people to earn their living and send money to their homes. Most of the girls are lured into the profession by the help of their friends.

School and college girls usually work in group. They don’t go out alone like call girls. They are not easy to find like restaurant girls and call girls. That is because, students are more focused in their studies and they don’t want to ruin their future. As they are usually temporarily in the profession, they play safe. Being students, they are also intelligent than others in the profession.

School and college girls stay clear of other students. That is because they don’t want their peers to know their secret profession. They also don’t use agents and they usually work on personal basis.

Rates of College Girls in Pokhara

According to the article written by Arjun Giri, they usually charge in the range of Rs. 10,000 to 20,000. Before making the deal they do background check of the client. They are usually true to their words and make transaction only after making sure that the client is not going to report them.

These girls prefer not to go to hotels for their work. They usually take the client to their own rooms or go to clients rooms. As they usually own a scooter, they either take their clients on their scooters or go in clients’ vehicle. These girls avoid people who can’t afford a vehicle.

As they are conscious of their beauty, they look beautiful and spend a lot of money in their makeup and appearances. They have their own time-schedule. As they need to adjust their time according to their school/college schedule, the clients have to manage according their time-table.

According to report, they are strict on the choices and the price of different services.

This is the third part of the series about callgirls in Pokhara. The next part will be about hotel girls in Pokhara. Stay tuned. Information credit – Samadhannews based on a report by Arjun Giri. Drawing adopted from the work of Akrit.

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