Miss Nepal 2018 says she won’t act in films and won’t do politics either

Shrinkhala Khatiwada visited her hometown Hetauda, for the first time after winning the Miss Nepal 2018 crown. Talking to journalists there, Shrinkhala told that she has no interest to become an actress because, “I don’t know acting and I can’t dance either.”

An architect by profession, Shrinkhala is planning to pursue her career in architecture. She told that, her background is different from those of the previous Miss Nepal. She told, “After being Miss Nepal, I will continue to work in the profession I am trained in.” She told that although her grandfather, father and her mother are active in politics, she has no such plans. He father Birod Khatiwada is the parliament member and her mother Munu Sigdel in the member of Pradesh Sabha.

She told, “Miss Nepal is not a model, she is a role model instead.”

The state chief of the State 3, Anuradha Koirala, facilitated Shrinkhala in Hetauda on April 24, 2018. In the event organized by Hetauda Lady Jaycees, Anuradha Koirala was the chief guest. While talking in the program, Shrinkhala suggested the organization to work on the betterment of women and children in the area. She also promised to be active in social issues.

Childhood photos of Shrinkhala:

I have collected some of the childhood photos of Miss Nepal and presented in the following video:

Shrinkhala on education to young girls about relationship and sex education.

Shrinkhala organized a live chat session to discuss about her spoken work poetry. She also answered some questions on the related topics like, how to deal with eve teasers and what should be relationship between the kids and their parents.

Watch the following videos to know more in details:

And about her thought on capital punishment to rapists:

After the live session, one of the organizers of Miss Nepal was impressed by her talent and told that, they were looking for more than pretty face and she was the one such Miss Nepal.

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