Can Himani correct the Spoiled prince Paras ?

Everybody knows – Paras Shah is a spoiled prince (an ex-prince to be politically correct although there are still some people who prefer to call him a prince.) I prepared a biography video of Paras a while ago. The video got almost 900K views in a year. That is an indication that he still has the charm of the royalty – he is still a celebrity.

Paras wasn’t born to be a crown prince. His father wasn’t born to be a king. But, luck made Gyanendra a king of Nepal – twice in his lifetime. The first time he became the king he was a child. The four-year-old king didn’t get India’s approval and was dethroned when his grand father – King Tribhuwan returned back from exile in India.

The second time he became lucky again. When all the family members of King Birendra were killed in the 2001 royal massacre, Gyanendra was crowned the new king in the year. Gyanendra waited a few months before announcing his son, Paras, the crown prince. But, Paras’s dream to become the king of Nepal was cut-short when monarchy was abolished in 2008.

Paras went through highs and lows after that. The details are listed in the biography video. A latest incident in Kathmandu gave a clear indication that a habit is hard to give up. He has been living with a habit of being a prince – a gifted personality – a position higher than anybody else. Now, even if he tries to be a commoner – he can’t. That shows off time and agin.

That is why he shows off his true colors whenever he gets an opportunity.

I think, Paras’ beautiful wife Himani can bring Paras to the right path. Women have a very good way of tackling male-issues. They know what to take care of and correct. So, I think Himani is the only person who can solve the Paras problem.

It has been years, Paras has returned back from Thailand but, Paras and Himani had been living separately. The parents of three kids don’t see each other often. Paras seem to be lonely – surrounded by yes-men.

A 2005 photo of Paras and Himani

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