Himani and Paras – Insider’s Photos of Bratabandha at Nirmal Niwas

The ex-princess and her daughters wore the royal looks in the Upanayan ceremony of the son of the ex-prince Paras Shah and ex-princess Himani Shah, Hridayendra Shah. (I talked about the event in my earlier post)

A video report:

The 14 years old young-ex-prince Hridayendra’s Bratabandha ceremony was conducted in a private function held at the residence of ex-King Gyanendra. Only the close relatives were invited in the function. As no journalists were invited to the ceremony, no photos or the videos of the ceremony were released.

I have collected these photos from various sources in Facebook.

Who is Paras Shah?

Paras Shah was the Crown Prince of Nepal from 2001 until the abolition of the monarchy by the Interim Constituent Assembly in 2008.

Paras is the only son of the ex-King Gyanendra Shah and ex-Queen Komal Rajya Laxmi Shah. Paras has one sister, Prerana.

Paras received his early education at St. Joseph’s College in Darjeeling, India. He also studied in Buddhanilkantha School and Laboratory School. He later attended Luther College in Iowa, and the Schiller International University in the United Kingdom for an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. He however didn’t complete his undergraduate education.

Paras and Himani married on January 25, 2000. Himani is a member of the royal-family of Sikar, India. Paras and Himani have three children:

  • Purnika Shah (12 December 2000)
  • Hridayendra Shah (30 July 2002)
  • Kritika Shah (16 October 2003)

Purnika had turned 16 years old in December – an age considered to be an adult in Nepal. She received the citizenship certificate of Nepal recently.

Biography of Paras:

About the elder daughter – Purnika:

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