Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe to release on May 15, premier in Bahrain

The production team of ‘Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe’ have announced the release date of the movie for Jestha 1 (May 15, 2015).

Before the release in Nepal, the team will take the movie to premier in Bahrain on April 17. In addition to that, a charity show of the movie will also be held in Syangja.

chankhe-sankhe-pankhe poster

The comedy movie with a strong sense of patriotism, ‘Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe’ is produced by Santosh Sen. The movie is produced by Santosh Sen and is directed by the noted director of Nepali film industry, Sudarshan Thapa. The movie features Subash Thapa, Prem Puri, Nandita KC and Pooja Sharma. Pooja is featured in the role of a reporter in the movie.

The movie was shot in a set constructed at the Film Development Board studio, costing at around Rs. 1.7 lakh. The overall cost of the movie is also told to be on the higher side when compared to other Nepali movies.

chankhe-sankhe-pankhe clap board

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