Chhabi doesn’t have faith in women, won’t marry again

One of the top producers of Nepali film industry, Chhabi Raj Ojha has announced that he won’t marry again. The 48-years-old businessman was responding to the rumor of his proposal to the actress of his upcoming movie, ‘Lazza’. A rumor of the actress Shilpa Pokharel being proposed by Chhabi was published in online and offline media. We also talked about it although we were skeptical on the news.

shilpa-pokharel-and-chhabi-raj-ojha-lazza sets

Talking to an online magazine, Chhabi told that after reviewing his marital history he doesn’t want to marry again. He told, "I don’t have faith in women anymore. Don’t talk about marriage." He also told that he won’t be proposing anybody after the divorce with Rekha Thapa. Chhabi says that he has failed in matters related to marriage. Now, he says that the cinema is his home and his life partner.

The first wife of Chhabi  had left him the second committed suicide and the third left him recently. Although it was a hat trick in failure of the married life, Chhabi is unwilling to take the blame.

In another incident, Shilpa Pokharel also responded by telling that she doesn’t want to be linked to Rekha Thapa in any ways.

We wish Chhabi gets a right woman who can go with him in the ups and downs and to guide his life in the right direction. All the best Chhabi!

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