Chocolate premiered in Hong Kong

A red-carpet premier of actress Poojana Pradhan‘s production movie, ‘Chocolate’ was conducted in Hong Kong. Poojana and director Nirmal Sharma are currently in Hong Kong for the premier.

nirmal sharma and poojana pradhan

The movie made on the story of street-children is written and produced by Poojana Pradhan. Poojana had been raising  orphan children and has first-hand knowledge on the condition of street children.

‘Chocolete’ features Poojana Pradhan and Aayushman Ghimire in leading roles. The movie is also going to participate in the San Francisco Global Film Festival.

This is the first time the actress Poojana has debuted as a producer. Comedy actor Niraml Sharma (Gaida) has also debuted as a director in the movie. The director has told that the movie is made for social awareness rather than commercial success. The viewers in Hong Kong have well received the movie.

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